Back in march I was taken to a youth group type meeting at someone's house through Xenos Christian fellowship. I have been a believer for a long time but right now I'm really struggling in my walk with god. I don't want to be at Xenos anymore because I feel like they don't accept me and frankly they only want you hanging out with other believers unless you are trying to get someone to come out to join the group. This church has turned so many people away from god including one of my best friends and I will not be going back. I just don't know how to continue my walk with god.
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jesus plan for you is for you to1. recieive his forgiveness, live every day forgiven, live everyday recieveing his gift of righteousness. read the book of eph, it tells you all that god has given to you and made you, as you recive jesus, take these things and speak them into your life everyday and the way will be open

I'm a believer too, and it's been my experience that a lot of churches tend to be that way, and kinda come off culty. Over bearing and controlling. Ya know, Jesus hung around everyone, and it's a repeating theme that He chose the "unlikely heroes". As a believer you have the Holy Spirit living inside you, like an addition to your conscience. The teacher, the guide, the helper. An inner sense that tries to tell you about whats happening around you and to you, about what you should do or not do. You don't need a church to continue to walk with God. What the bible tells us is not to "forsake the body of Christ" and we are the body of Christ. It just means not to turn your back on all believers. It's not talking about a church, or organization, or whatever. So if this church is hindering your walk with God don't feel terrible about not going back. Your the only one who can know it. I can't tell you exactly what to do, ya know, or solve your problems, but if you'd like to talk about these things I'm open to that.

We each have our own way to GOD.
Then go inwards into your inner temple. In the silence is where you connect with your inner GOD presence.
It is personal as to how we relate to GOD. Then develop your own practice.
He is with you all the time- you are always with this love - regardless of your outside life.
Quote for you:
There is NO RIGHT WAY.
There is only THE WAY that is best for those who find their own way, the way that helps them become a better spiritual being. PELEI