Gods Plan For Me?

Im not to sure but recently i have saved a soul in my basement of a child that has been in my house forever i contacted him on the ouji board i know they are bad i never use it anymore not again ever lol. But i got this clear message in my head......it asked Who is god? i was listening to a lot of christian music that day and night. So after work the next day i told it and i could feel the spirit flow through me to heaven u have no idea i was so high it was crazy like super high off god i was giggling like crazy It was intense. I know i saved her though. The next two nights i had dreams of natives they really disliked me. This was a native girl that i saved. Some mother was angry at me in my dreams. The first nite i was jumped by a bunch of natives i know thats a real stereotypical dream as i am friends with natives also haha. Next nite i dreamt that the same mom that was mad in my other dream came into my work place and wanted to hit me over the head with a beer bottle but i talked to her and told her what i did and stuff and told her i was not racist or anything and said i have a lot of native friends. I know a lot of ppl dont believe but i truly believe in heaven hell and spirits and i have such crazy thoughts sometimes i hate it. I will post my other dream in a different section. I find i have the ability to see spirits in my sleep that are around my house. And i also think those native souls are at rest its not so angry in this house no more :). Maybe his plan is for me to save lost souls :)

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2 Responses Nov 22, 2009

If you are searching for God's plan for your life, you can find the beginning in John chapter 6 verse - "For my Father's will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in him shall have eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day." Then continue to search for truth by searching the scriptures everyday to see if what I am saying is true(Acts 17:11) and the Holy Spirit will guide you in ALL truth(John 16:13). Search the scriptures and learn what true LOVE is and where it comes from, then learn to obey everything Jesus Christ commanded (Matthew 28:20). I encourage you to continue to seek the interests of Jesus Christ and not your own interests.

I have tried religion and Ouija boards in a desparate attempt to not be alone but even they didn't want to speak to me. Whatever it takes to give you faith, grab on to it as without faith in anything, you have nothing to take away that loneliness that consumes you. Best of luck