Sign From God? :)

I have been so stressed out and worried about what God has planned for my future. I'm a senior in high-school and i've been praying every day for months that god will let me go to San Francisco state next year. I visited the school over christmas break and I have never felt happier or that I belonged more in a place as much as I did those five days. I dont have the best chances of getting in, hence my stress about it.  I have yet to recieve a letter from the school, but im not giving up hope.

Anyway, about a month ago, I was driving home from school, it had been cloudy and rainy all day. It was another stressfull day, I had been constantly begging god for his blessing to have me attend this school, and telling him about the fear I have if I would have to stay where I am for another 2 years. As i was driving, i was listening to the song "let it be" by the beatles. I was zoned out for most of the song, until i snapped out of it and the line "and when my night is cloudy, there is still a light that shines on me, shine on till tomorrow, let it be" came on. RIGHT when that line played, my entire car filled up with sunlight, i looked out my window up at the sky and saw the sun barely peeking out through the clouds shining in my direction. I started smiling and for the first time in awhile, i felt peaceful and at ease. To me, it was god's way of telling me that everything is going to be ok. :)

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My girlfriend of three years, whom i love deeply, broke up with me. I finished a science degree but can't find a job. My family is so crazy, with all the drinking, lies and financial problems. My mother is sick beyond belief. I was working in a call centre, i hated it so much. The bank is on the verge of taking our home away. But i looked at the ocean one day and i just smiled. This is the moment i knew God was still there. God knows just how to make me happy. Where life is headed, i have no idea but i'm sure he'll sort it out just like he always does. Whoever reads this i pray you just hold on because its the only life we have.

:) here's the thing. I had a similar experience. but...God had something WAY better for me. actually, because He did, I'm now going to spend my life serving him in the ministry. and it makes WAY more sense than any of the other great plans I had for me. He's now given me a passion and a drive for it. so even if you don't get what you want, I do think that God was saying that you should let it be because You are in His hands, under HIS covering, and as long as you stay there, He is mighty to keep your foot from dashing against the stone.

I'm curious, did you get in??

I guess everyone has the right to make comments, BUT I think you are doing great by praying to God and asking him.... you shouldn't even have to defend this since I think you are right... you are here to get support and encouragement for your experiences. I don't think it matters what you are paying to God for, he is happy that you are consulting him on your moves in life. I wish you well, and keep doing what you are doing. Don't let anyone push your mind for what your focus should be. Choosing a school is a HUGE decision and induding God on what direction is great. So I just wanted to let you know you are doing the right thing and I don't think you are being selfish. I have had some really rough time the last 5 years with family and cancer, and my Mom with depression... but I would never wish that on anyone... I am glad you are consulting God and that's all that matters. It helps believe me, I don't always listen as clear as I should. But he is there for you and I know things will work out. I will keep you in my thoughts... Take care!!!

Miles2662:<br />
I'm aware of the fact that I should have tried harder to ensure a place at the school. I wish I had known what i really wanted in my life earlier, if I had, maybe i wouldnt be in this situation. However, There is a reason that I am in this situation right now, and that reason, only god knows. I trust that he will put me at whatever school is best for my life. This "sign" also happened months ago, it wasnt until after this that I remembered God has my best interest at heart and wherever I end up is where god wants me to be. <br />
Most importantly, this is not the only thing I pray about and I know that no matter how hard I pray about it, if im not meant to be there next year, maybe i will in 2 or maybe there is a better school out there for me. I do NOT pray only for myself and for what I want. so im sorry if you think i'm selfish. I am sharing an important "experience" that happened to me and that i wont ever forget, which was what I thought this whole website was about, Not to insult people.

stop being so selfish<br />
stop asking God for all good things for YOU, <br />
if you want to go to a particular school or college, then WORK HARD<br />
that is the best way to get there.