What Type Of Person Do I Look Like

I want to know your first impression on me? I especially want to hear from my friends.

P.S. I knw my pictuer is blured but try.
PleaseBeFree PleaseBeFree
22-25, F
2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

You even though you havent friended me yet !! look like a fun loving honest cheeky girl !! am I right ???

Lol. Correct! a Lot of people say before meeting me they thought I was high maintenance and loud!

so I guessed correctly and I dont get an add !! tsk tsk lol

I know it sounds stupid to say this, but the first thing I notice is the glasses, and they signal to me that you're intelligent. The next thing I notice is that you look clean and healthy. I would think, just from those things, that you look like a good person, but of course, anyone would have to get to know you to know for sure, don't you think?

I agree. And thank you! For your comment :)

You're welcome. :)