Hi, i am 15 yrs old and a sophomore, bisexual and very confused about this guy i kinda like. I have no idea where to start so i'll start from the beginning. (this is gonna be long)

* i also have no idea if this guy is gay or bi, he definately acts straight though, he might be in the closet.

Ok i met him freshman year at this orientation camp thingy for the school we were attending. The counselors put people into groups of 4 to work on a model rocket, we were put into the same group together. I already knew one other person in the group so naturally i didn't act shy, but at this time i kinda figured out that he was shy without his friends around. eventually he warmed up and started sociallizing with us. At this time i didnt really like him and didn't really pay him much attention.

Ok fastforward to when school actually starts. By this time we are just aquaintances and barely know each other. As the year progressed i learned that he is one of those weird-quirky yet cool guys that everyone gets along with. We would always make eye contact longer than usual, like 2.5 seconds, then one of us would look away or either keep staring for longer, and it wasn't like because of dominance or anything. Sometimes i catch him downright staring at me, i could look up at him and he'd still stare, but i don't know if it's because of his weird-quirky personality or because of something else. * he's had a few girlfriends but they never last. One day on the bus there were no more open seats so he sat next to me, and then later on on the bus he whispered something dirty in my ear( about women), so i casually laugh and think to myself, why is he telling me this i barely know him! He is always trying to engage conversation with me, like i would say something and he'd be all the way across the room and laugh at what i said. Hell, sometimes i wouldn't even say anything funny and he still grin or snicker. During class when something funny happens our heads kinda just gravitate towards each other and we laugh together, at the same thing. He is always giving compliments, like in gym class he complimented me on my dodgeball skills, when there were clearly better people out there on the court. Another thing he'd do is try to help me a lot, in math class if i had trouble with it he'd teach it to me or either show me his answers, because he is really smart even thought sometimes he doesn't apply himself. I always catch him combing or fixing his hair in front of me, and i never ever see him do this around other people. But just the other day he done the sweetest thing ever, in math class all the seating tables were full so i sat at a table by myself( which i was ok with), the he walked by and said "you're all alone today aren't you" and i casually said yeah, about 5 minutes later he got up from where he was sitting and sat at my table so i'd have someone to work with and i know you may think that this was out of courtesy but the personality he portrays says otherwise, note that no one told him to sit with me and he was actually was sitting at a table with his friends before he came to sit with me. Also the other day i was walking out of the men's bathroom and he was walking in and we bumped in to each other, which almost made our lips touch, so we stood there akwardly for a second then continuid walking.

So thats about it. I am still confused about why we always make eye contact a lot, is he testing me? Is he gay or bi? Is he in the closet? Am i dilusional? am i stupid for falling for a seemingly straight guy?
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Ok, first off -- good story. It sounds to me like your friend LIKE LIKEs you. Y'know? Like he really really likes you. All the attention he gives you and the compliments and staring. Yeah. Totally. Sure, there are straight aspects of everyone, but it sounds like he is so into you that he would be receptive to any advances you put on him. YOu should invite him over to your house, to watch a movie or something. Tell him he can sleep over if he wants to.

well, we don't interact that much anymore, because we only have one class together. but i swear, he got me confused especially when he came to sit next to me though. i think im just gonna try to wait it out. see if he comes out, see if there are anymore hints.he still does eye contact just not as much. THANK YOU!

No problem. Personally, I would have come out of the closet sooner if someone would have helped me out of it sooner. So if both of you are only playing it straight and not risking anything, a beautiful thing that could come from one of you making a risk might never come. Have you ever considered coming out as bi?

well i am out. i just put on a more straighter face. but if someone asks im not gonna lie about it. i really don't fall for many guys really

Note, i am a guy

I totally noted that. :P