Been Lied 2

I wish I knew what I know now.  Been with a man for 8 yrs.  He refused to get married and make a committment.  I believe he lived a whole different life after he left my home.  We spent weekends together but I think he's been talking to other women on the phone and that's why he didn't want to give up his single life.  Friday night home alone.  Feeling down, need a friend to talk to.
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I agree with lonewanderer. Take some time to regain your footing and focus. Spend time with friends and try not to worry about finding someone right away as you will want to heal from this hurt. If you keep busy doing things that you enjoy and that are good for you, you will feel better. Writing here also helps, Cleo. It is natural to feel some depression when a person realizes that their dreams will not work out but replace this dream with one of you being happy and know that this man wasn't the right one for you. Blessings,D.

I agree with dartist and I really hope for the best for you looking for the man that takes you off your feet. Just take this time to recollect yourself, be strong, and enjoy life. He will turn up eventually. ^_^

Thank you! I know all that to be true. But it hurts so bad. I'm not a drinker and I don't enjoy going to parties. So I honestly don't know where I'm gonna find a man.

Sorry that you had such a bad experience with this man Cleo. This is on his shoulders and not on yours. I agree that something fishy was going on with him and there are better men in the world who will be honest and respectful of you. The best lessons I learned in life were to put value on me and to respect myself and find supportive and good people to keep close. Once I learned this, I found a wonderful, honest, and loving man and my life is moving forward to where I wished to be for many years. D.