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To Change Or Not To Change

Sometimes I think if I knew then what I know now . I could have a different life . Not so many hard times and heartache .

I could have avoided so many tears and fears . But then I realize because of these hard times  hard lesson fought and learned , I am the person I am today . Which gave me the life I have , and the friends and loved ones I have in my life . And suddenly the prospects of easier times , better memories and
not so many bumps in the road does not seem as tempting as it did .

I like who I am , how I think and the people I care for and who care for me . I like the fact that I was taught to use my past to recognize the need in others
for the compassion and help I myself had wanted and sometimes did not receive .

so I guess if I knew then what I know now the only thing that would have changed  is feeling  stronger .I would not have let  myself feel as alone and sink in  despair as I did at times knowing that in the future , things would indeed change , and that I would be a better person for it .
softkitti softkitti 22-25, F 65 Responses Nov 13, 2011

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Make sure that your change is sustainable. It is not over until it is over. (Matt. 12: 43-45)

Why thank you ohh elusive of dreams and your pretty hot stuff yourself there bag kitty . Dont let them kid you , they come for the dancing *puts red felt pimp hat on and does the charleston *=-P

Wow, when did you become so popular? No wonder you have no time for me. I have to go check out how many fans you have now. Was there a popularity contest that I missed or something? <br />
<br />
Well, in any case, before I read all your rave reviews, I read your story yet again and I have to say, it's not half bad. ;)

why thank you memphis13 =-D inspire me...

Kerrigan thank you for your comment ...=-) <br />
<br />
Search I like that line ! yes its made me good or bad <br />
<br />
cold810 I am so happy you liked my post !! I do that all the time here .. I will read a post and say omg that is how I felt but didnt know how .. I believe that is the beauty of this site I believe =-D

Your words are eloquent and totally attuned to how I am feeling about myself, I wish that I had been articulate enough to have wrote them.

There is a song by the Faces and it go's like this " I wish that I new what i no now when I was younger" Like you said it's made you who you are now!

Thank you amington that is so sweet of you..=-D

I think the only downside to the whole "If I only knew then what I know now" concept is that some people end up living in that space and forget to make a life in the here and now with what they actually HAVE learned.<br />
<br />
That said, Softkitti, it is very courageous and astute of you to recognize that despite the pain and sorrows you've had to experience along the way, you are who you are because of some of the bumps that your life has taken you over.<br />
<br />
May you continue to stay as self-aware and grow forward, and may your life be filled with more happy events than sad.

ahhh soledad sometimes anger spurs determination , it has in my case .. I wish you much strength and determination on your path of life ! =-)<br />
<br />
Yes jen I agree we live our lives always looking to the future and making sure the story of our life will be one we can recall and be proud of . thank you for your comment.=-D

I feel the same the way , that you do. Sometime, I think If I knew what going be happend to me, I would change several things about my life and myself. We keep learn from our mistake. I constanly tried to change or improve myself or quality of life. I think we all have dark side and we have thing that we might not be pround of . However, be pround of yourself and your accomplishments. Try not dwelling on your past and look head to future. Your story will inspire another people.

I don't know personally but I totally know what your talking about been there done that . I feel like your a special person only special realize that everthing happens for a reason let it be then or now . After reading what you wrote it opened n released alot of anger in me , thanks for sharing your thoughts I'm sure it made a difference in many just like me . You have a friend here .

ohh wilde found this kittis catnip ... Seuss!!<br />
<br />
"Things may happen and often they do to people as brainy and footsy as you "!<br />
<br />
Thank you so much for that I loved your comment . Thanks Wilde .

     <br />
“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” (Dr. Seuss, borrowed by me for one softkitti)<br />
<br />
You are a precious and special person, and I'm glad You are so You.

Thank you Momamoo for the comment and compliment !=-)

I wish I had your wonderful grace! You are blessed.

Thank you cuppa its funny though you say I inspire and yet you have inspired me in so many ways without even knowing *files beautiful cuppa under all time favorites just for me *=-P<br />
<br />
Hey NRD yes its important to accept ourselves before others can ... dont worry it will come and you will be the better for it .. *hugs* I wish you peace V .<br />
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Kans thank you .. I was not like this intially so many times I would look back especially my most worst times and wish I could erase it is only recently I have had a stern talk with myself and changed my out look . I cannot wish anything away ... and so those times will be my build blocks to make my self a better more compassionate person .. I am determined on that fact now .. thanks for your comment my friend !<br />
<br />
And may you be blessed phant thank you so much =-)<br />
<br />
*high fives zzzzzzzzzzz * thanks zzzzz<br />
<br />
weed I will definitely check that out .. thanks for your comment <br />
<br />
Yes Freddy thank you I do the same .. but your right it is usually the hard choices that mold our strength of character .. and dont you go changing either !! =-)

Your life resembles mine in so many ways. I look back on choices I have made an thi k they were good bit really they were choices I was forced 2 make at the ime. Things change and time changes people not they themselves change. I learned that an I am better for the experience. Just remember, you ate who you areand nobody should try change you for better or worse.

You are exactly why I write about the " quirks " check out my latest book from what I call my<br />
" bathroom break " series.. "Whatever I'm Still Here" Barnes and Noble, and several others...This is NOT a novel..hopefully you will read it and leave comments...Good for you that you realized your self-worth , kudos !...many never discover their worth....weedbychoice

wow..that's the spirit!!!

I like your attitude!!! i've recently resolved on the same - to forget to regret - just learn from the past and appreciate what it's given me - and look forward to the future with new hope ;) God bless u for the same...

I like your attitude!!! i've recently resolved on the same - to forget to regret - just learn from the past and appreciate what it's given me - and look forward to the future with new hope ;) God bless u for the same...

Hi<br />
True...<br />
But in my case, I have hopes to accept my self sooner...<br />
As on date, I am meddling with my being<br />
Yours<br />
V. Narayanan

lol, no neither of us will change . We are good the way we are . Of course little things naturally change with age , experience and the like but our essential selves no change needed .<br />
<br />
wow went off on my mental path there my bad *does the moonwalk out*

Friends, Romans, and country men, lend me your ear...To change or not to change...that is the question. Actually, I don't need an ear, I already have two and two seems to be enough for now.<br />
*sings "Don't go try and please me..."* Yeah, right, like that would ever happen. lol

Nice! LOL I feel so much better now!


I love when you write. Whatever you write. You always make me think. You write and I will read. And I'll try not to write a book as a comment. That's rude but I don't mean it to be rude, you just get me thinking and I just end up typing as I think. Blah...blah...blah...Just know that I never mean it that way, okay?

No I love your comments sweet elusive .. keep them coming . I know I have been quite a little crazy busy kitti lately but I feel the writing bee biting me in the booty so I may start writing more .