All Along I Thought You Were Kidding

I thought all you wanted was attention when you told me you will leave your only daughter in my keeping.I laughed it off,remember?I even scare you that men will surely swarm over your lovely Audrey the moment you are dead to stop you from talking about death.

Didn't know it will come true...that you will die one day too soon.My dear brother , I wish I knew you will succumb leaving me so empty and guilty for failing to know the truth behind your jokes.

I should have known then.....
MyZen MyZen
36-40, F
2 Responses Dec 6, 2011

My thoughts are with you.

Do not feel guilty, you like most people did not see the signs of depression. Even if you did, it may never have changed a thing. His pressure was insurmountable for him to overcome,yet he knew that you would be there for his daughter and she would be well looked after. You cannot live every moment in guilt,just know you were the one person he loved and trusted. You did nothing wrong.....Wish you all the best....