If I Could Turn Back Time...

Life is hard, its full of ups and downs, and its true what they say, how you react to life's hardships is an indication of the type of person you are.  I never thought I would be strong, never thought I had much about me at all really; I was an overweight, shy kid, who compensated by trying to be everyone's friend.  I have been lonely, have reached rock-bottom but I have survived, I have more than survived, I have lived, I have grown, I have develop, I have succeeded where I and other thought I would fail.  If I was able to go back and meet my younger self, I would tell me that I have more strength inside me that I can imagine, I have integrity and honesty.  I am a good person, someone others rely on, seek out and actually like - and even though I have my down days, as everyone does, I can look back and reflect, can see how far I have come and can look forward to the future knowing that I can cope with what life plans on throwing me next. Bring it on!

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I guess your experiences and my experiences as a child are kind of similar. I am just in the phase where I am trying to find my strength. I guess I will tell the same thing to my younger self. I would tell that underweight, scared and shy little kid that she can eat cheese and ice creams in whatever amount she likes. I would tell her that it was the age to eat and play, and she would not be able to do it, once she grew up. I would tell not to pressurize herself and things are going to work out very soon. And I would hug her so tightly and tell her that everything is okay.<br />
I think you have coped really strong in your life. Best of luck for the future too! :)

All i can say to you is well done, you should be proud of yourself - you have come out of this well, the grass is greener on the other side.<br />
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Good luck with the future, there is no looking back now girl!

Thank you - the road is still opening up for me but it doesn't seem to be such an up hill struggle any more! Thanks for reading, sharing and your support, ;-)

You and I both know what it's like to have things tough that's for sure and we've become good friends as a result of that. Proof that every cloud has a silver lining.<br />
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Here here, 36,Here here!! and i for one am very grateful for our friendship, xx