1. do not take school prior to the age of 18 and work placements so seriously

2. dream, and don't be afraid to fall into them

3. learn to love yourself as you cannot love others until you do

4. sex is not a taboo

5. you must have sex so you can realise what making love is, so don't feel guilty

6. don't feel guilty about things, it does not make an iota of difference.

7 (via Ball)  worrying is like a rocking horse, it goes back and forward and gets you nowhere

8. Be yourself, change for no-one at no time, do not supress your dreams and your true goals as then you sacrifice yourself and it takes a hell of a lot more time to find yourself than lose yourself.

9. do not stick your fingers down your throat after you eat- it is not big and it is not clever

10. mistakes are valuable lessons

11 everything happens for a reason, even if it is dark and twisted, it makes you into who you are and whilst you may not see for a while why it had to happen, you will realise someday

12 if something is for you, it will not pass you by

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My favorite is #11!

Into the dawn the butterfly emerges from her cocoon<br />
and flys wer er shes please,s ........

I like these. Thank you.