Who Knows

i know full and well WHO i am...but im at loss to know WHAT i am..am i a loner, a mystic, a *****, a theatre kid, a bandee, a crazy chick, emo, or WHAT? another question is why do i need to know? why does that matter to me? i guess il find out...
wildlark wildlark
18-21, F
2 Responses Jun 5, 2007

Take this with a grain of salt. Titles are one thing but I think a more relevant aspect of your line of questioning may be 'How are you who you are?' Yeah it's a mouthful. ?+?=you. Find that out and you'll likely find out why you care also. Examine personality type, personal history and social roles.

You are what you are. Period. Don't try to label it, don't try to figure out why, and for god's sake don't let any ignorant dipstick judge you. Including yourself!<br />
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Love yourself unconditionally as you are and just BE.