His Ex-wife "hates" Me.

I'm married to a DH who was married before.  His ex-wife cheated on him and she filed for a divorce - she wanted to come back to him even though she was involved in a relationship and engaged to the guy whom she cheated DH with, but by then we (me and DH) were already involved.  She has made my life a living hell from day one.  Spreading rumours that I was the cause of their break-up in marriage (which is a lot of crap!).  Even tells people that my DH wants to have a sexual relationship with her ... WTF?!

She keeps on "poisoning" the kids against me ... she keeps on manipulating DH ... no matter how good I try and be to especially my SD, she follows her mother's (the ex-wife's) instructions to a tee to make my life miserable.

What the hell did I do to this woman to "hate" me and make my life a living hell?  SHE cheated on DH ... why can't she accept that he moved on ... she "moved on" when she cheated on him.  Must he now sit back and let life slip by?  Must I just "accept" the way she badmouths me?  Bloody bi**h!
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Thanks SeventiesRock. It's been 6 years now ... my SS is a lovely child, but as for my SD ... she's a real little manipulative person (she's almost 19). Twists and turns my DH around her little finger to get her way ... she doesn't like me, 'cause she wants to be the woman in DH's life ... daddy's "little girl".