My Ex's

his name is greg hes my ex i was with him for over 20 years
his drinking and his abuse ripped ou relationship apart
now its been nearly 10 years sents i lefted him
hes took out 4 credit cards on me in my name why ?
why cant he grow up ? why cant he just leave me alone ?

my husband adopted my daughter that he didnt want to be a father too
he drank all the time always calling his daughter little buddy
trying to be her friend not her parent. my husband now he adopted her
we never turned her againsted her bo (donar) it that she formed her feeling by how
she saw him treating me . iam sorry if ive hurt you greg but leave my credit alone .
please stop with this crap or i will be forced to go to the atturney and file charges of i d thief on you
this hs to stop grow the heck up , get on with your life leave me alone .
his passed actions makes him a boy child /man he wont grow up.
hes done things like this to his other 2 wifes his wife number 2 got her credit
messed up like i did ,he wrote checks all over town we lived in . its so sad
why he hurts the mothers of his children , but this shows hes a child inside disrespecting
the women that hurt him . but his passed tracks shows he respects no one not
even his self .I just him to grow up and go on with his life and stop the mind games
and the games that hurt people . maybe one day he might see that hes being so childish
 one day he will met his match and he will get done to him just what he keeps dishing out
to others . thats going to be a sad day  . hes wasted so much of his life playing games .
he acts like a spoiled brat that wont grow up .
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he knew what he was doing to me and his other ex wives, hes a little boy cryying becalse i did what the other 2 ex wifes didnt do filed for childsupport on him and i lefted him . but its sad he cant grow up i just hate the games like him taking creidit cards on me, hes a little spoiled punk boy that at 55 cant grow up and be a real man

I hope this all works out for you. Isn't it funny how some people don't realize that their actions have consequences. They do the same crap over and over then wonder why you don't want anything else to do with them? I almost think they delude themselves into thinking that you HAVE to put up with them. People do still throw their spouses out.

he acted like a rotten child he would throw temper trangrimns <br />
so many times i wanted to crack him with a wooden spoon! like my granny did when we kids would <br />
show our buts . well i did get him one night he came home drunk acting like a butt clown<br />
i waited till he got in front of me and i hit him with a frying pan , i told him now shut the heck up leave me alone and go to sleep on the couch like a good little boy , then i locked the bedroom door and went to bed . alone lord dont you hate when they come home drunk wanting to play mr. romorio , well he learned being drunk aint my kind of loving fun . hehe that was the last time he did that to me <br />
24 stitches in the head , the police wanted me to pres chages on him for trying to atack me , i said no he might not rember but one thing he knows for sure what the word no means. i felted so bad <br />
but he asked for it , i told him leave me alone . the police made me show them how i hit him, he was 6 foot tall and iam 5foot tall . well when your mad you can jump up and ring his church bell head like i did . i know i shouldnt giggle about it but it was reather funny afterwards . poor fool <br />
he didnt do that again . cant mess with a short woman .

you are so right,go lady go<br />
you always make my day with your witty coments love it

Whenever people hear of grown ups who act like children, and not just children but rotten children, they wonder where in the world were the folks who were supposed to teach these people to act better than that. Didn't they bother to teach him at all? Yet, at the same time whenever these same people see a grown up getting on to one of these people in the making while they are still a kid and there's a fighting chance to stop them from acting that way and the grown up is having to hang tough and make them face the consequences of their actions they say, 'aaawwww -- don't fuss at the poor kid'. Rotten adults were rotten kids first and if parents don't take back control and actually make their children act right then nice women like you wound up paying the price for these juvenile delinquent Peter Pan syndrome so called adults. Don't EVEN get me started!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU are a lady.