Plain Jayne - Still Can't Hide Her Hatred And Jealousy

As a bright and hardworking graduate, I entered into an exciting stage of my career around 2005 / 2006. Having worked for a few firms before, i knew this was a big step in my career: I was moving to a much larger firm than I had ever worked at before. On my first day the receptionist took me to my new department and introduced me to my new Supervisor. Lets call her Plain Jayne.

From the very first moment she was less than welcoming. After the introductions i asked her where i should sit in the very large room I had been ushered into. "just sit anywhere" was the unhelpful response. No introduction to my colleagues was given, no tour of the building and not even an explanation of what i was meant to do on my first day, despite me asking several times. I should have known from then that Plain Jayne was either an unfriendly / unhelpful type or she just didn't like me. The latter certainly proved to be true.

For the rest of the first week and indeed first month, not a single piece of help, advice or instruction was received on what I was required to do. So I found my own way by using initiative, observing others and commiting myself relentlessly to my ambitions and job. This was despite the difficult days and restlessless nights, knowing that my new supervisor hated me for no obvious reason. She even ostracised me and left me out of the christmas party. She openly badmouthed me to junior and senior colleagues and tried her level best to get others to hate / distrust me.

Pretty soon, however, my talents became obvious and many other colleagues in the department would approach me for help and advice. It seems I had picked up a lot from my previous workplaces. Skills that Plain Jayne never had, and could not teach her team. When she saw how the others gravitated to me for advice, her hatred festered and grew. Her hatred towards me was never hidden. She treated me with contempt, vicious words, backbiting, unfair appraisals etc. She tried to fob off the difficult work and cases on me, only to be shocked that I managed to win the hearts of the clients and run their cases well. The truth could not be hidden - i was good at what i did. I won my cases, I generated the most money in the department, clients returned to me and recommended me, all to the fury of Plain Jayne. But the senior management noticed my talents.

And then I got promoted. Twice. Luckily, I was then moved away from the nasty, miserable, lying b.i.t.c.* who had tried so hard to destroy me and my career. Then, a couple of years later, something even more drastic occurred. I was promoted again - INTO HER JOB. She was made redundant and that was the justice she so richly deserved. She tried to destroy my career, but in the end it was her career left in tatters. I even saw her cry!!!

Her notice period expired and her last day of employment arrived. I could have thrown it in her face and gloated, but i resisted. Indeed, on her last day I tried to make amends and suggsted we part company with no hard feelings. Why did I bother? even on this last occasion, she was not prepared to admit she had ever did anything ill-willed against me. So we left it there.

Two years on today I met her at an external training course. Her eyes saw me from a distance across the room. Still filled with hate and nastiness. Yes, Plain Jayne was still her old nasty self. She walked past me silently. (She politely acknowledged the person I was talking to and ignored me). I was also ignored by her friend, another former colleague of mine that she had told many lies to about me. Very saddening and vicious.

I'm glad you are out of my life Plain Jayne, you ugly, useless, lying, hateful cow. The sad thing is, you are the one hating, when I never gave you a reason to do so.
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The past is in the past.
Let it stay there.
That you are still hanging on to it – let it go.
You are better than her – let it go.

All we have is the NOW
Be you
Love you
No matter what

Love you

Thank you. I have let it go, by writing it down. Just needed to vent at the time I wrote it. Eventually I want to write about most of the people that have been in my life, whether positive or negative, as its therapeutic and insightful for me

Yes it is good to write it down, then move on. Your body does not know the difference and thinks that it is still happening now.