Life Is...

Many things in my life has changed drasticaly my parents are losing their jobs I hav an ex , her family who I see as my own family aswell are moving away a teacher from my college has completely destroyed my confidence in myself and i just cant stop thinking what im going to do with my life. For the past few days i've been staying up late thinking is it worth getting out of bed each morning. I lay there just staring at the ceiling no knowing what to do with my life...not just that incidents in this month of febuary have givin me reason to stop caring about people and just start caring just myself..i've nearly died , nearly mugged ,nearly hit for a stupid reason and to top it all off one of the only things that keep me happy now adays is me it was my confidence in life in general is starting to crumble away. I just wish i knew what to do with my life so that i could get it back on i didn'y even go to my class because i just couldn't get the will to get up and go...i feel lost in a world of fog with no one there to help me escape it...this is by far the lonliest ive ever felt...i'm not one to go the distence and just end it...if i have to ill walk this path and continue on until i can find some light. i still have hopes and dreams i want a family i want to grow old with the person i love most in the world...but idk..I may be just praying for a future that'll never happen i could just be walking a path that will never end...but if thats the only path left pen for me then ill go down it...and just push through everything that stands in my way until the day i die

zangoules zangoules
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 27, 2009