Poor Pitiful Me

maybe I am on the wrong site, I have been down and depressed for over 2 years scrappin to pay my share the wife carrying me, don't know where my next dollar is coming from, dealing with the v.a. and ssi , never liked dealing with bureucrats and apparently they don't like dealing with me. I am thoughts away from doing something stupid and by that I mean I would not, but I can understand how things can push a person over the edge. know don't get me wrong I ve done my share of bad things in this life and I m certainly not proud of any of it, and maybe this is karma coming around to kick my ***, I have made amends to those that I could and I thought that I had done a pretty fare job of getting things together, maybe not good enough, but since I am not going to end it all anytime soon, I have to wonder why karma would allow the people that are close to me and are saints in my book, to suffer thru this **** with me.I m not quite sure what tomorrow holds but I have to think that its going to get better, to think otherwise would surely push me over eventually, I probably sound kinda scatter brained most likely I am, but bare with me I ll be back.

An Ep User An EP User
Jan 21, 2013