90% of the Time I Just Feel Li...

90% of the time i just feel like i am aimlessly wandering around with no particular clue as to what i am doing or what i want to do. it also seems that i spend a lot of time pretending that i am someone else- just being that person to make others happy.
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3 Responses Apr 26, 2007

Nah... it's in there. You just need to gift yourself with a little of the right kind of time, so some of the cruft can fall away, and the light from inside can shine through and remind you. <br />
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You don't have to steal that time from anyone else, either. Just be awake, aware. It's there.

Yea - I know how this feels too. I got some great help from someone special on this site and now feel more like myself than I have in years. Just talking about what mattered/bothered me made so much difference. Once I 'found' myself, I was able to get mmy life back on track and make many needed improvements. I feel I got very lucky about that. I hope that you can do the same.

I did this too. I am JUST NOW figuring it out. it's cool - being me. but it's also very very hard. very scary - letting the "faces" go. they were very comforting to others and now those who thought they knew me are freaking out. thinking i've "changed" when in fact -- I'm only just now getting to be the "same".