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I wish I knew who I was. I know that I have been divorced twice. One long unhappy marriage. I have 3 kids, 2 grandchildren. I have an empty nest. Midlife. And now what. I guess I want a little adventure. I want to have a little fun. But have no idea what to do. I can do almost anything I want, I can move in any direction. I could take classes, ride a motorcycle, learn to play an instrument etc. But I have no idea what would be fun for me. I am stuck.

Cassandra Cassandra
51-55, F
1 Response Apr 28, 2007

YUCK, i hate it when i feel stuck!! Sorry to hear that your first marriage was bad, i hope the second was a little better. How u even survived 2 divorces is beyond me, surviving ONE has been so hard that the concept of re-marriage to me seems very remote. BUT i hope one day i am as blessed as you are in being able to say i have grandchildren, that too me would be the ultimate. Well i will give you one idea you might want to consider to get UN-stuck. The best thing i did for myself was to take tae-kwon-Do and when the timing is right i will be doing that again. First of all in the year that i did it, i was in the BEST shape ever. 2. It was so much fun that it never felt like i was working out. 3. everyone where i was, was incredibly kind and very supportive when u had to do something by urself infront of the entire class. 4. You work as a group, but go at your own pace, so you never have to feel that if u don't catch on as quickly as others (like me) u are not holding anyone back. 5. Because of it's philosophy it is a very peaceful and positive place to be. 6. Because of the overall energy it is so easy to meet people and get to KNOW them. 7. You visually see your progress by the silly belts and finally because you are working out, being very focused, strengthening your muscles and stretching a lot *bed time* can be much more adventurous ;) So it's just a thought, i loved it and cant wait until i can start doing it aagain.