I'll be graduating from college in 3 months.  I'm the kind of person who defines themself by what they do (I am a student) but one of my friends recently told me you aren't your job.  I know it's a Fight Club kind of thing, but I never really embraced it.  I have difficulty being myself because my family runs a business and I was trained from a young age that everything I do reflects my family and our business, so I've always done my best to be perfect.  Once I graduate and get a real job and can support myself though, I'm hoping I can figure out exactly who I am.  Some of who I want to be embarasses me, so I try to hide.  I've found a community though and many of the people I've come to love are far from perfect.  This encourages me.

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evryone wants to know who they are but can never figure it out you have to make who you are by yourself sure your a student so am i but i know one thing i'm who i am no one can ever change that because your not only a student but someone who can do what they want to do

Please believe me when i tell you that modern education gives everybody a slight feeling of being lost . having spent most of my working life in both UK and American colleges teaching undergrads who on the most part had no idea what i was talking about my advise to you is - stand in front of a mirror and sing Happy Birthday , when you get to the part " dear....." then you will know who you are , as for the rest of the people who for one reason or another share your life , wear a badge - then they will know who you are as well .