I mean seriously how did I get depression, anxiety, and anorexia. I also probably have more wrong with me...great.
With the anorexia oh my god I broke down 3 times at the mall. Cause you know I felt so big I was going to explode but when I got home and showered I noticed what I felt was false, I have bones in my back and shoulders showing. Ugh I wish I can get rid of it when school starts next week
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When I'm unhealthy I get depressed. I think when you get the eating healthy part under control the depression will go away. Your already doing the exercise with the dance thing, which also helps with depression.

I can totally relate. Im so fat

I have an issue too. I want to be 500 lbs, I want to get so big but I don't know why :,( I'm trying my best to not get bigger but a part of my is like yes, yes.
Is there a disorder name for what I have?
Maybe we can help each other?

Have you gotten any professional help for this? No one should have to go through this; especially not such a kind person 😶