Why can't I just be a normal person like my friends when they get older they have there whole life planned what college what job every thing! And it's all perfectly planned. When are teacher in fourth grade which was a long Time ago said what do you wanna be when you grow up. I said a youtuber and she said right to my face sounds like a pretty messed up future to me. My teacher... Fourth grade... Said that to me I lost it. I screamed at her well look at your future you didn't do anything special your a teacher that's divorced and a freakin ***** that kills other peoples dreams so when your dead just remember me and look up at me and you'll see I'll be successful and...happy. With that I ran out of the class. And my whole family makes fun of my future plan so do my friends I had one fricken person who supported me but he's gone to now!
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well really sorry to hear that. but don't be upset . move up in life . work hard. he is watching you and would want you to move up and succeed . my best wishes .?

I am totally in a position just like you. I hate my life. And BTW you can see the similarities between our " Me Too".