My life is so f...ed! Let's see my dad died in June 2010 followed by my husband informing me he had been having an affair with my friend and left me and my 2 sons.he kept coming back home and leaving 20 times actually.woman came after me running me off the road lying to police about me.i got depressed quit my managers job left australia n my grown up kids.and been back n forth 4 times between oz n so lost I fell in love with an old friend who has a partner and it's killing me been seeing him 2 years.i also knocked around with a guy who is lovely for a year just friends now ive returned to the UK and moved in with the nice guy.but I don't love him I love the other guy and hes mad ive moved in with this guy.and pushing me away I just have lost so much everything I ever loved .i just can't seem to get my life on track.
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My mums life sounds just like yours
I watched her go through hell! I mean drinking the lot and funny my dad who did all the cheating is getting married again no karma nothing my mum just had all the **** she lost her dad my grandad in 2011 her mum died only when she was 23! But I couldn't be more proud of her because just like you her life fell around her and one day she realised she deserved more more than my dad more than the guy who your loving with more than the guy you love who clearly don't love you enough back to leave his girlfriend she realised that she was fine on her own and got a great job and as soon as she was happy as herself everything else fell into place I promise life will do the same for you you just have to be strong and remember your worth so much

My life is in 2 country's 15 years in oz by boys are there.just been for 3 months n booked a ticket back as loved up over some guy I could never be with.ive been doing this 3 years and so tired of not knowing what to do.i used to be a great mum n wife n manager lost everything .

I'm sure you still are a great mum and manager and I'm sure you will make a great wife to a man who will appreciate what his got! I'm just an outsider but I think you should go back to your boys get a job and focus on them and you otherwise your gonna have to watch them grow up away from you for someone who doesn't appreciate what his got and you may live to regret it! And you will get your confidence back and your boys will look after you and before you know it everything else will fall in place you are a women of the 21st century you don't need a man!! Just your boys!! Xx

I'm 50 I should know in the UK now and scared to leave again as back n forth 3 times or could be 4.i moved in with a guy who's just a mate hoping if start to love him like he loves me as wanted to be loved as so much hurt.but I don't im in love with a guy with a partner who I have known over 30 years.he dosnt love boys are 24-19 do they need their mum.

They will always need there mum always they may not tell you and may not seem like it at times but they do and you need to find yourself before you try and find love my mums 48 I'm 22 and I watched my mum go through this and she survived! So can you!! X

I don't know where to start.i only work in retail so hard to survive and not ready to be a manager again to much stress.

Then go for something challenging but not as stressful and go back to your babies you will regret it if you don't and or ex husband can do one! You deserve so much more!

Thank u.x

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How about you start talking to your creator.... God loves you , in Jesus name