A Year Ago..

A year ago I had the best friend a person could want.. she was there for Me when I needed someone and, when I moved here, would take Me out most afternoons, would buy little presents for Me and was such fun.  Then, one day after her relationship with her girlfriend ended, she became more and more distant and hostile towards Me and whenever I asked if she wanted to go out, she always said no, preferring to spend all her free time on Second Life.  Then, days would pass when she wouldnt even say hello to Me.  It got to the point that whenever she would speak to Me, she treated me like I was retarded and, when I had surgery earlier this year, didnt once even ask how I was or if there was anything she could do, making it quite plain that she didnt seem to care if I lived or died. 

Even though we live in the same house, a week will pass when we dont even exchange a word and, instead of talking to Me, she will email Me when I am only across the landing!  I have no idea what I did to make her hate Me so much and have come sooo close to asking her, but dont know, even if I did, whether she would even tell Me.

It makes Me very sad to think of this time last year when we were such good friends.. I just dont know what went wrong and can only think that its because her relationships never work out and I am in one that has.
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Since I wrote that entry, the truth came out so I know it is exactly as I suspected it was.

~shakes head and walks out~ assume all you want, but you will never know from us or even yourself! Straight up, some people will never understand because they never ask. You may be thinking all that, but guess what! It may not be that! There are so many other explanations to this, but only one it is, the one she'll give you! HELLO! Who care's if she'll ***** at you, she already does. What do you have to lose? Just ask her! So many people misread me and so don't mind me if it's quite frustrating, but you will never know until you go! so just do it, ask her! Find the actual truth! from her... Stop assuming, there's so much to assume, she loves you, she's ADD, she's depressed! A friend would get to the bottom of it no matter the cost! and there's only one way there... what are you waiting for...

As You know, she treats Me with the deepest loathing and for nothing more than just being Me and for being happy for the first time in My life. Instead of being a friend, she is bitter, twisted and jealous as a true friend, and one who knows what My life was like so far, would be happy that Ive at last found the love of My life.

Misery loves company, and You didn't live up to expectations, that of being more miserable than her. I cannot fathom anything else, as this was out of nowhere. The rudeness we've seen is appalling, this is not the person I'd known for so long. Sad...

We are sure that is why.. as you said, she is jealous because We have the kind of relationship she wants.. she was all over Me before I moved here and for the first few months after I had, then suddenly snapped and changed when she and her gf split up. It wasnt the first time and their relationship had been dodgy since the start, but to resent Us because We found love, after having waited Our whole lives for it, unlike she who had had a number of relationships, makes Me both angry and sad.

That is the saddest thing ever. I lost some friends when I got married because they were not married. Maybe she is just jealous of your happiness. I can not imagine living in the same house with someone who will not even talk to me.

I havent confronted her yet.. I have had to stop Myself each time she says something bitchy to Me and I know she is the one with the problem as I know Myself and My partner havent done anything wrong to her.. I can almost feel the bitterness and jealousy coming off her and it makes Me very sad as We had to wait Our whole lives to find each other and before I started this relationship I was going to commit suicide. :-(

Have you tried to confront her face to face with this? Tell her your hurt, and want to resolve the issue?? If she rebukes it, or already has... then she could be the one with the problem, not you.