Could Be Cool

Think about all the money i would make inventing the toilet during the middle ages!

Arorin Arorin
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2 Responses Mar 4, 2010

It was just a joke. Way to miss the whole thing.

It would have been refused; just like it was for almost 2000 years before the Middle Ages. The Minoans had it then, but for some reason it never caught on. Why? Well, it may have been the ''waste'' of what you would consider a useful item at that time. Human waste was used to feed the plants and such, and human pee was used for dyes and such. And you want to waste all that useful stuff down the drain?No chance. (japan still used human waste for crops up to the 1960s) And besides, where would you flush it out to? The rivers that already had so much waste in it that that was the real reason everyone drank ale and milk, and NOT water?(unless collected from rainwater directly. and considering how dirty those barrels were, even that wasn't safe) Nope, sorry, bringing back the toilet wouldn't be helpful at all. Like Robert Heinlein once said ''The railroad wasn't invented until the rails were invented first''.