Why a world of chaos might be bad for chaos

Surely those that claim they want to live in a world of chaos, because they thrive off chaotic elements, are contradicting themselves by saying they fuel on turmoil when they are ridding themselves of the opposite party?

Think about this for a second.

In an ordinary, boring, mundane world. You get up, do your same old morning ritual, go to work or school, come home. The cycle tends to repeat itself.

And a few individuals are those that thrive off the unpredictability, and freedom to rebel against deterministic thoughts or patterns. You refuse to have routines or ideals imposed onto you, you walk your own path, do your own thing, etc etc.

But isn't the whole point of freedom and rebellion, that there is something there to rebel against?

It's the same problem as the good vs evil dichotomy, good cannot exist with evil, blah, the light is not known without the dark, etc. All of this. The idea of yin-yang, one cannot exist without the other, a hero is only a hero if the villain is present. I can go on.

Well what makes the chaos vs order dichotomy so different?

If you rid the world of all order, the concept of chaos can no longer really exist, because you're no longer rebelling against any patterns, it loses it's impact and excitement.

I like freedom and unpredictability as much as the next person. But I joined this group to post this story.

I, for one, as a quite chaotic individual, would not like to live in a world of such status. Because then the whole world would be controlled by chaos, which sort of beats the point of being "free" from something.

How can you rebel against chaos? Chaos is now the element imposing itself onto your lives, imposition being the thing your principles motivated you to oppose.

I, for one, see it more effective to promote chaos in a world where it has none or little, than a world that already has it.

The perfect chaos isn't just a chaotic existance of good and evil constantly at a disorderly war. The perfect chaos is the constant threat of chaos providing a never ending threat to order.

But once it achieves that goal, the fun ends.

It's the never ending turmoil that threatens order, that keeps chaos strong and everlasting.

In summary. With no predictability or routine, how will you have anything to contrast to?
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2 Responses Aug 22, 2010

A hero who feels like a hero with the existence of a villain isn't much of a hero.. they are self centred and self righteous who feel the need to be portrayed as a hero so they need a villain. Just wanted to cross that with you.

With everything else that you said.. I hate routine too. I really really hate it. It's up to us to be 'chaotic'. By chaotic I mean go against the natural order of things and do something different. Follow your heart, chase your dreams, go against the critics.. is that what you mean by chaotic? We need order otherwise people will kill, steal and r*pe from each other.

I won't carry on with this post. I want to continue with this in another post.

You already do live in a world of chaos