Anywhere But Here

This is probably going to seem lame, but I'd love to live in Wisconsin. I've been there a handful of times and love the area and the people. The people I've always come into contact with were a total 180 from the people I'm around in my everyday life.


Besides, I want to get away from my life here. I want to start over. If someone were to offer me a good job elsewhere I'd take it. Where it's at doesn't really matter. I just want to start over. Once I pay off my credit cards, hopefully this will become a reality. I think I'll be happer with myself and my life if I get away from this toxic area I live in.

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3 Responses Feb 27, 2009

I live in Wisconsin and love it when it is not winter. Don't be here in winter if you can help it.

Make the opportunity. You wont regret it. Re-invent yourself. x

Whenever you have opportunity, Just take a chance ! <br />
But better not to wait but have to work for it as well :)<br />
I understand that feeling very well > < ~