Another Planet Would Be Good

But knowing my luck i would probably end up on uranus!.

thehippy thehippy
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4 Responses May 8, 2009

take me to your leader!

I am from the planet Cerilus,which is not in your Universe,the people there are very much like here on planet Earth,only there are big differences,we don't destroy our planet,we don't pollute it,we look after it,and use the natural non-polluting resorses that are there,our people are happy,very happy,everyone works to the same goal in maintaining a substainable enviroment for our generation,and future generations to enjoy.<br />
You too could have done this on your planet Earth,as you have the same resorses that we have.<br />
Only difference it might be too late to save this planet for future generations,as Mankind has destroyed vast areas of the Earth,which has caused globel warming,flooding,and all the other causes of this planet starting to decay at an alarming rate!!

lol your not from uranus are you squigglefish?

ugggghhhhh nasty!!!!! i make you right!!!!