I Just Moved to Saturn Lol

Maybe you can move somewhere too :) lol Look at how beautiful this planet is AND WHAT THEY MADE FROM IT!

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6 Responses Aug 6, 2009

Maybe I need found a group 'Let's write sci-fi'.

Still I much prefer Saturn ALWAYS - quiet, calm, helium, friendly, and so on.

But I WON'T MISS THAT. <br />
I won't.

But I am a bit sad I might miss such important holidays as the saturnalias on Earth lol. <br />
The Saturnalia was the most popular holiday of the Roman year - HAVE YOU ALL NOT HEARD ABOUT THAT?

Saturnian :-) - what else? I just learned the language. The local people are very friendly lol. <br />
We have helium parties each Saturnian Saturday at 5 P.M. - WHY?

Hi,Thought1<br />
Whats it like now on Saturn?