My Second Go Round Here On Ep

I wish I didn't delete my account the first time I was here. I lost a lot of friends... I have tried to find them again and many let due to me leaving :( That really sucked! But I am back to stay! So to past, present, and future friends.... Thanks for having me!

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I am sorry that I deleted my first attempt here on EP. I am back and may try to have the old account reopened; but I doubt I could keep up with two accounts. I did ask for my stories to be retained and to my knowledge they have been.

Strike that... You look familiar... If you are who I think you are... YAY!!! I missed your intelligent contributions. :)

Welcome back!!! :P

Well... I don't think I got to know you the first time. Maybe this second go round I'll have the pleasure. :P

spelll ... reckon I can't.

No matter what ya'll say, no No NO, I aint having Tarq! (now that I can spelll!)

Oh...we're "having" you now are we?

I found you again :) Glad I did!

Its cool, you got new ones that im sure are cool too