Deleting Account

I thought about deleting my account, but then i said to myself why do that. leave everything intact so that people have something to remember you by.

It's like passing, you leave behind the memories.

So i've decided not to delete the account and when someone runs across one of my stories, they can say. who is this PTman.  LOL

So i would suggest to anyone that have had thoughts about leaving this beautiful world of EP. Think about it before you decide.

Leave your beautiful memories here where they belong.


51-55, M
26 Responses Feb 17, 2010

**** no, i am so addicted to all the beautiful women on here. lol<br />
<br />
I told you i was an attention *****, those are the best ones to pimp my pimp. lol<br />
<br />
shut up. :)

well no problem i don't get me either sometimes.

why delete ones account? If you don't want to be here, don't....and you can come back now and then...I just don't get people....

i didn't want to lose all my pix stories. lol<br />
goodnight everyone

im scared now, i will be back. hope you guys don't regret it. lol

That's it girls!!!!! If he leaves I hand out the torches and we head out at nightfall!! He can't get far.....

u ladies r mean. lol

We'll help you find it, PT... I think I saw it somewhere yesterday. Your mind was wearing tiger stripes thong right?

i have lost it pix

I can't believe he would even consider it IZA..... leaving us???? The man has lost his mind I think!!!

there is one thing i need to take care off n i will be back, promise

we havw quite a posy, mmm

LOL. That's what I said to a friend just recently. The time we spent here is too expensive to throw away by clicking the delete button.<br />
<br />
And put me on that list of the horde that would hunt you down should you ever leave, PTMAN!!

i know you will find me lol

Oh my goodness....Mewold, here is a towel dear... *wink*<br /> can run Ptman but you can't hide from us girls!!!! hehehe!!! This surgery has really got you in a strange state of's normal though, you'll feel better soon sweetie!!! (((hugs)))

they might give it a second thought mewold if your drueling snorting and farting. lol

I, being always naked, love being found by a woman........snif.......druel......snort.......fart........drip..........

yes i did lol<br />
and believe a you cannot hide from a woman, regardless of where your at. they will find you.<br />

TX if your doing the hunting i am all for it. let me give you some hints where you can find me. lol<br />
you know i want to be found by you.

lol PT, I would like to see some one hunt my down where I am going. lolololol.................Hey, did you call me stupid?.........

exactly mewold, not agreeing that your stupid. we have to leave some kind of legacy. lol<br />
it's to dam expensive not too. :)

I thought I was going to leave a while back and I deleated all my stories. That was stupid. I changed my mind but still to this day, I haven't put all the stories back up. And there were some wonderful comments which are lost forever. You EP'ers out there. Don't be like me. Don't be stupid.

exactly junepeople will remember us by what we write on our whiteboards. lol

Sole i'm speaking of what i wanted to do, if i do believe me i ill find a way to ask you how your doing everyday.<br />
I would never leave you my friend.

True. You never know how much you mean to other people.

You better not!your the only one here to aks me how I am doing every day! And you mean it! Your a great friend....thank you=)