Trust Can Be The Worst Thing

U know this is the hardest thing for me to write about iv had a best friend since the day i was born and trusted her with my life, but there was drama between us and i would have never betrayed her no matter what and thought she would do the same for me, everyone would warn me and i ignored all of them and made all my other relationships with everyone else a mess because of her, in the end she ended up being the one to betray me and hurt me like nobody has ever hurt me before , but that made me stronger and i probably will never trust anyone ever again. after everything i have done for her she;s always been selfish but i have always over looked that, when it was my turn to be selfish she tore my world apart. Anyways she didnt get what she wanted to do, so she can eat her heart out but i would have never done that sort of thing to anyone let alone a friend in need. I can guess why this forum doesnt have any posts because this is the hardest thing to admit. you feel like an idiot for trusting the wrong person but you know what life happens being the bigger person will always be the key to making things better.
keepinsane keepinsane
18-21, F
Jan 11, 2013