Found on Internet, 10 good uses for a dragon:
10: Keeping your boss happy by always getting to work on time, by using your Dragon to fly you to work.
9: Dragon's good at keeping your home warm, by heating your water in your central heating.
8: Dragon's are good at eating bullies.
7: They are also useful for eating Trolls on Yahoo Answers.
6: Dragon's have an uncanny sense for finding treasure.
5: No one will look at muscle cars, when you arrive on your Dragon.
4: Dragon's are great to have in Pokemon.
3: Dragon's are good at finding Damsel's who need to be in distress.
2: Dragon's are good allies when battling the forces of evil.
1: Dragon's are great to fly on.

It's amazing more people haven't considered the benefits of owning a dragon, though. Very little discussion of that, at all. I wonder what are some other little thought of uses for a dragon... I know you can use them to get rid of uninvited guests, but other than that?
Faust76 Faust76
70+, M
Aug 16, 2014