When Did I Stop

When did I stop dreaming? I  had always dreamed the most fantastic dreams when I was young. I could think of scenarios that  would inspire great video games today. My imagination has always been extremely vivid and wild to the point I could scare and excite myself  with the dreams, waking or asleep, that I would have. I always dreamed to keep my lonliness at bay, to keep bullies from doing too much damage to my heart. They might crush my feelings, but I would never let them take my heart from me.

I wrote poetry to ease my tensions and fears. Let my pain leach out into my words for anyone to read. I never let anyone see. Then one day I was free from that pain. Someone found me, tore down my walls and  barriers and lifted me out of darkness and gave me new dreams......

I stopped writing... I told only him. He was my paper and pen. He was my everything, my world, my castlekeep. For such a short time we shared everything, often without speaking. Only just knowing. He became my dream. Now he is gone. I stopped dreaming the day he died. The minute, the hour, the second life left his eyes.....

When do I start dreaming again? I write the words of my heart once again, but is that dreaming or just wishful thinking?

theredlady theredlady
41-45, F
1 Response Feb 26, 2010

Thank you Allen. I am flattered by your complement. *hugs*