The Start To The Fall.

I think about my past so much,that I get tired of thinking of why I do.My life started taking a turn for the worse when I was in 4th grade.Oneday I was sitting in the middle of the bus.Then this guy from the back came into my seat.I always sat near the window.My grandma always told me if nobody sat next to you scoot over and save a seat for Jesus so that's what I believed and did.Jaylen Mercer was his name,sat in my sit and punched me in the arm.So I punched him back and when had a stare down.Then he conversated with me.And since then I no longer sat in the middle or the usual by some person I didnt talk with.I sat in the back with the more talkiative and funny kids.Looking back he was jealous of me asking why would you wear those shoe's with that shirt just a hater.But I didnt know he was at that time :(.Afther while I sat with him and we called each other cousins and we'd pick on this one guy in the front of the bus making a big old ruckus.I guess that the year everything bad happened from then on out.Why did I eventalk to this guy I wasn't scared of him did I just want to be cool thats what I'm thinking.

I started drawing because my sister was an artist.I was a free spirit.I will admit I liked the powerpuff girls lol :) only because it did have fighting in it while setting good examples.I was smart and did my work and was quite when need be.I socialize a bit nothing major.I even had the smart girl in the class not like me for a reason I didn't even know.But how my life is today I'm not even noticed or feel my sprit alive.Why did I want to be one of the cool kids so bad.I had it all along but forcing it cheating trying to force it made it worse my spirit hurts to know the harm I've done to myself and others-This IS Me.
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Sep 7, 2012