Sometimes Knowing Me:

Everyday I will get up say my prayers, and then go to the shower, and all my confusions stars within me. I struggle everyday to take my clothes off just to have a bath. Having a showers is something good that I am taking my clothes off for right? That's always the question in the back of my mind.
I hate having that battle everyday with myself. Eventually my mind wins the battle, my clothes are all off, for just two minutes, and my eyes are closed, so I don’t offend myself further. I was told by my best friend one day that I cannot continue to have baths with my clothes on anymore, what if I should decide to get married one day, what will the man say? Another problem that I have in knowing me, I wonder if I was really created to be a technical *****?
I refuse to believe, that I can take off my clothes in just seconds to have sex with men, but when it comes to having baths it is a problem.
So anyone who can help me know me I will appreciate the answers, so I could sometimes know me please.
anyka anyka
31-35, F
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