16 Was Awesome.

When I was 16, I was pretty much free to stay up all night, doing whatever I pleased with whatever boy had caught my interest.  There was this one guy named Heath that was amazing.  I don't think I ever slept for more than a a few minutes in his presence, despite all the time I spent in his room and in the back of his pickup.  Now THAT is what I call delightful.
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1 Response Nov 30, 2006

:) I have regrets about letting go of the "right" persons too... of all the people, I know three that could truly be perfect for me... but at that time we were not thinking about long-term... and eventually lost contact... and later, much later, I would remember them and think, "if only I'd been more responsive to them..." But it's gone, and I have to live in the "now"... and that's how it is for most of us. :)