I Just Wish I Could Go Back

Now that I'm older and have accepted myself as gay I sure wish I wasn't in denial 20 years ago. I now know that I love to be with a man.  I know what it feels like and I know how to please a man.

Oh to have been able to accept it when I was 39 or even younger.  I looked better, had hair on my head and was much more fit.

The sex could have been most fantastic instead of just fantastic.  I'm just lucky that there are quite a few younger men that appreciate older men.
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2 Responses Sep 21, 2012

Be thankful that things are still working for you as far as erections and libido go. Many men never get around to finding out what we know until it's way too late for them. Never regret what might have been, instead be thankful for what you have.

I look back and wonder the same thing. I had a good friend from high school who died from AIDS in 1986 and I've wondered -- that if I had been bold enough to be out back then - what may have transpired. I'll have to satisfied with the fact that hopefully there will be 20-25 more good years for me.