I Admit It... But I Keep It A Secret...

I often wish i were a girl. The way they dress, their hair, the shoes, its just so... i dont know, i cant explain it. When my hair was long I was confused as a girl on a couple of ocasions. I look back on old pics of me with my long hair and noticed that from certain angles, i looked like an attractive girl in the face. I cant be a girl... but what I can do is grow my hair back out. My shoulder length hair made me feel "Pretty", I use to refer to myself as a "Pretty boy" and nobody would ever catch on to what i ment ^_^... but thats only when my acne is in check >_>;;

P.S. another reason I wana be a girl is so I can be a lesbian LOL wierd right? xD

Krie Krie
4 Responses Feb 24, 2010

inside i would lean lez but to people who dont know and see me for the firtlst time they say i'd lean straight.... hehe if i get rid of all facial hair for good and have long hair i would look like a girl from the side

You are not alone in this feeling, this desire. Has been mine also for my entire life. I though prefer men and enjoy their company.

HAHAHA yeah you caught me :P. another reason I would like to add is that I find some guys attractive and if I were a girl I could be open about that without anyone being judgemental >_>

I knew there had to be another reason to you wanting to be a girl... LoL!