I Wish I Could Go Back To Being A Kid Again.

I loved being a kid. I grew up in a big family...4 brothers and 3 sisters, we were always playing, goofing around, having fun. I felt safe and secure in our home and I felt so loved and protected. Holidays were a blast, relatives everywhere, everyone together. I remember eating so much gum and candy, my fillings came out...my mom freaked! It was great!! Summers went on forever...Weekends were awesome. There were rules but nothing like the rules adults have....take out the garbage, feed the dog, finish your homework for Monday on Friday not Sunday! I remember the first time I fell in love...that was the end of my childhood...all downhill from there! Boys happened, broken heart, tears, jobs, bad bosses, cheating spouse, mortgages, financial strain....ugh...to go back to being a kid for just for a day and and feel carefree again...
Sissyhill2013 Sissyhill2013
Dec 4, 2012