How about some advanced notice, please?

minimum:  3 days notice!

anything shy of 3 days is inadequate notice.  i didn't used to be this way.  when i was young i was up for anything.  as i've gotten older i've become much more conservative and mild mannered.  i'm not uncomfortable in social settings or anything but it's as if i almost need a few days to mentally prepare for an 'event.' 

i just wonder what i'm missing out on ... how many laughs have i missed?  ...  how many stimulating and meaningful conversations have i missed out on?  ...  how many great people have i NOT met because i refuse to be socially spontaneous?

still yet i am thankful for the stupid people i missed out on having to deal with and i think in the end this is my main motivator.  i think too it has to do with my disability.  the RSD causes audio fluxuations wherein my ears are either overly sensitive and i can hear lightbulbs humming in another room, the neighbor's phone ringing (i live in a house 15 feet away from them), etc. and other times, without notice, i can't hear a thing and have to continuously ask people to repeat themselves.  THAT is ANNOYING and EMBARRASSING!

not to mention i get soooooo tired of people asking me how i'm doing.  it's the same, it's still here!  i get tired of people who think they know a lil bit about something, who really know nothing, try to tell me how to get healed; what juice to drink, vitamin to take, doctor to see, procedure to have done, etc.  i hate hearing someone say, "i understand."  they don't have a clue one!  in reality these people have no concept whatsoever what RSD is.  nor could they manage to wrap their tiny lil brains around it unless they've personally gone through it with someone close to them or they themselves have suffered with it.

... perhaps that's why i'm antisocial ... ???

argh ... sounds like i've got a lil animosity built up eh?  *shrugs*

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i love you, soditzy! that's exactly what i'm talking about!!! EXACTLY! and i'm sorry you understand these small seemingly meaningless but oh soooo very negative nuances... *hugs*

he he, i know what you mean, if i told people how i was feeling everytime they asked they'd never ask again, so i just say 'yeah, good im fine thanks. Worse, when people say oh my god you look awful...thanks...that usually comes when you're having a good day lol

anyone who can hear a light bulb humming, like myself, is a kindred spirit! lol yes, it does seem we have mucho in common. it's interesting to find people you can connect with on a level that seems so unattainable in real life ... it seems to me that we're all made up of la<x>yers, somewhat like an onion. not EVERY la<x>yer is the same in every onion but the bottom line is quite similar with many matching patterns throughout the la<x>yers and in the end ... it stinks and makes ya cry! rofl!!! just kidding ... had to throw in the joke tho ... can't help myself ... lil corny like that!

I can see how your RSD would make large social events rather awkward and annoying, you either end up with a headache from the noise, or unable to understand a thing thats been said to you. I can see why the mental prep is necessary, and smaller groups of understanding (aka non-obnoxious) people is preferable.