I Just Dont Get It

Why would pretty young women want to be vampires? or maybe meet one?
I am away past those teen yrs and i still watch old horror movies like Dracula and Frankenstein on TCM but not a whole series. True there is a strong sexual element. that frankenstein lacked. I am not a young woman, mayb e that is the problem   Does it have anything to do with virginity?
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3 Responses Nov 21, 2011

We're NOT immortal!!!

I think your ideas about motivations for these things are a bit... rigid.
"Pretty young women" is a very small group, while there are loads of people who think it would be awesome if they could be a vampire.
Staying young forever is a good explanation of course, but there are plenty: superpowers, a sense of being 'above humans', the mystique, a fascination with blood/death etc.

My own reasons are all of the above and very specifically NOT related to stupid freaking Twilight.
Twilight ruined vampires, hopefully not forever.

We want to stay young forever.