Little Dream

I've had this dream about this guy that I absolutely love!! He has all these vampire friends and one day, he sees me almost dead on the ground with blood surrounding me and he doesn't know what to do because he wasn't allowed to change anyone without deciding with his group but I'm lying there, dying. So he decides to change me into a vampire and takes me to his house where he calls over all his friends Shubi, Brian, Christian, Big Headed Guy [don't know his name], Blonde Kid [don't know his name either] and his best friend London. I'm laying on his couch when I wake up to hear shouting. Shubi is shouting at Mike [my love] because he didn't want me to get changed instead he wanted his girlfriend but they could only change one more, which Mike wasted it on me. Then as I wake up and get off the couch Shubi runs over to me and shows me his fangs and hisses at me. "YOU! YOU!" he shouts at me. "You little filthy piece of crap! You shouldn't be alive!" and then i start to cry, which vampires can't do. They all look at me with a surprised look as watery tears fall down my face. "WHat?" I ask. Then Mike explains that no vampire has the ability to cry or do any human emotion, making me special. Then Christian walks into the room smelling the scent of a new vampire and he runs over to me and throws something at me shouting "IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DANI! IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DANI!". An object hits me and everyone, Brian and Shubi, Big Head Kid and Blonde Guy, and London and Mike come over to me as I lay there almost dead again. Mike shouts, "YOU FREAKING IDIOT! WHAT THE H*LL?" Christian looks at me and then at Mike and everyone. He starts to look ashamed and guilty as London and Mike explain that they have to protect me since I am the only one that has human abilities. So throughout the rest of my school experience I have a group of vampire guys that all guard and protect me, their almost-human but vampire girl.


The End.

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1 Response May 27, 2008

wow..that sounds like it could be written into an awesome book