Just Want A Nice Trip To The Beach

Is it a childish dream? Or a perverted one? Or just dumb? Or actually honestly female of me?
Wearing a bikini or really any swimsuit aside from swim trunks or speedos is one thing I get get jealous of girls. I wish I was a girl! I want to go to the beach in a sexy bikini. Not the average stuff of these ladymen who just want to go out & be *****, just want sex & waggle themselves over any guy they see. I just want a nice body to fill out a bathing suit, it would be so happy & accomplished if I could. I'd have a real reason to be at the beach. Never was happy being there, just some dude walking around....not doing much.
Ugh!! So dumb. I was always awkward hanging at the beach. Wish I had a day at the beach that didn't suck.
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4 Responses Apr 17, 2011

Emily, Last year I wrote a blog about going to the beach. I, too wanted a sexy bikini, but I don't really have the body for one. I do have boobs, small, but natural "A" cup boobs. I have a one piece that I bought several years ago that I thought would do. I went shopping and bought a swim skirt, a beach cover up, sandals, and a big hat. So you see I have every thing I need, but the courage. I went to a beach several days ago, but again, guts, but it was very windy and chilly, so I didn't do anything, but I still have the bag of stuff in the back seat of my truck, my wig is also in the bag, so I got everything I need. I was thinking that if I go early morning, there won't be to many people there, I am afraid of being teased, but that is my biggest problem about dressing up and going out, I don't want to be teased. So anyway, this is my thought on going to the beach !!!

i wear my older sisters bikinis and sometimes leotards to sleep almost every night

I have to say jeffree star is my role model...look him up on google or something...he's a guy that wears pink all the time n chiz...hes pretty great...at least i think

no I don't think you're weird there are a lot of us out there who think the same way.