I Love Girl's Swimsuits

I just love the feel of bikini bottoms over my ***** and i also wear swim leotards. It feels GREAT. I think i'm a little funked up in the brain though
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13-15, M
4 Responses Jun 28, 2012

Not at all. I have been wearing women's bikini bottoms for several years to the pool, beach, water park, etc. They are cut the exact same as a speedo. I get guy colors and nobody knows except the girls at my local swim shop.

Hey, not at all. I have work girls/womens bikinis since I was 8. I now wear my wifes underwear, with her knowledge its okay and dont you worry just do what makes you happy

naw, I think you're just fun!!!!

thanks guys

I gotta look into the swim leotards..... next fall!