It Doesn't Matter To Me Any More

I've worn my bikini to the Doctor's office now several times so when I get home I can take my clothes off. The doctor pulled the back of my shirt back and noticed that I was wearing a bikini and I had to take my shirt and pants off so I could get examined. My wife was in the room with us and asked if I wanted for her to step out and I asked why. He said because of what I was wearing I told him we were to gather when we go shopping and we buy the stuff together. What's the difference to him any way. Its my body I can dress the way I want he could have asked how long I've been dressing like this and suggested that I start using hormones so my breast can start developing for me. ;)
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1 Response Oct 28, 2013

How lucky are you!!
He probably wanted your wife to step out, so he could do a more thorough, personal exam!!!