Yes, I Have Always Wanted To Be A Woman.

Over my life I have asked myself this question countless times: Do you wish you were a woman?

The answer has always been the same. Yes! Yes. God, hear me please, YES.

Well, technically when I was young (under 18) the answer was ... yes, I want to be a girl. Since then it is always ... yes, I want to be a woman. As young as 3-4 I knew I had more in common with my girl cousins. At age 5, I absolutely knew I was a girl and my Mother found me in her high heeels and other things daily playing dress up. As I got older I didn't stop and my Mother would have to give me tips on how to dress and apply make up.

Had I been so in the 60's, well I guess after turning 18 I would have been married and having babies. I cwuld loved to have been the mother of my children. As the father I was pretty much denied the role of care giver when it came to my children. I was also viewed as strange when it came to changing diapers, wiping tears, and giving hugs when the kids were small. I absolutely adored these chores and activities.

Other levels here too. I love the dresses, skirts and blouses, nylons and hig heels, silk and satin, make up, ear rings and so much more. To me the clothes are not really the most important part. But they are just clothes, useful to portray to the world who I am and how I feel inside. I can be quite happily just throw on a pair of jeans and a top with little or no make up. That stuff is not important.

Being myself is what is important. Being the woman I was born to be andstriving to be the best her I can be ... the emotional, spiritual, compassionate and loving woman.

I you know if you I were a woman you would have to put up with cramps and bleeding every month, having babies, being discriminated against in the workplace, other female physical problems, harassment, etc. Yes, I would take it all! The PMS and all of everything daily pressures and all. I would and do embrace all the it is to be female, that I can at this time. I would definetly take the good (and there is a lot) with the negative (and there is that). I would do it in a second without hesitation.

I would become 100% woman and I would do it in a heartbeat. Yes I want to be a woman, I know it is not all roses, but I would be the woman that I was always meant to be.

In my mind and my heart, I am a woman and I love it.

I am a woman born transexual. I am a female, just working on the outside now.

when i have a brand new hairdo
with my eyelashes all in curls
i float as the clouds on air do
i enjoy being a girl!

o. hammerstein - flower drum song

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom" ~ Anais Nin
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As always you express yourself with an way that conveys what all us wann be gurls feel. Keep up the good work and keep writing because you say what many of us feel.<br />
<br />

Thanks SuperMother. You have made me smile and blush today.