Because I Hate My Male Body

I hate being very hairy, having wide shoulders and deep voice, and I am really disgusted by my male organ. I envy my sisters' lovely singing voices, and they love music and singing, so I've heard their voices a lot before moving out. I hate my strong, dark body hair because it's so itchy and rough feeling. I hate having wide shoulders because I want to be small and cuddly like women in my country and my shoulders totally ruin my body proportion. I feel disgusted when I have erection and it's so hard to pee straight while standing up, so I sit down but the damn thing always becomes hard when I really have to pee and I end up sitting in weird positions.
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2 Responses Sep 13, 2011

Yep. I feel that way too.

You've listed some of the reasons why I love the male body, all of those things sound absolutely wonderful to me.... except the peeing problem :)

I sit down as well because it just feels right