Need A Little Help

Can anyone give me some tips or ideas on how i can give myself a female body shape? I want an inexpensive way to try and give myself a an hourglass style shape so i can be a little bit more passable so i can go out a bit more. I looked at corrsets but they're a little too expensive.
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5 Responses Oct 11, 2012

I got some things from Ebay, hip/butt enhancer and shapewear usually very cheap with free shipping from china. It takes a little while to get it.

Corsets are the way to go, you can get a good inexpensive one at I have one and love the thing!

Having "the shape" can be a plus, I will agree. I will also add this though... so many crossdressers make HUGE mistakes when they head out the door. I know this because I was one of them, and did lots of no-no's for years.
The biggest mistake is what you choose to wear. Early in the whole discovery of crossdressing, we tend to gravitate to what we perceive as "sexy" and "feminine". Truth is, your average woman doesn't shoot for that look for 90% of her life. So when you're headed to wal*mart to buy shampoo, conditioner and some cat litter, don't be reaching for your leather mini skirt or floral print dress. Almost every woman wears everyday clothes for those kinds of tasks. She puts on the pencil skirt bc she's headed to the office, and the mini skirt bc she's headed to the night club on Saturday night. I know, YOU feel pretty in something much more, but chances are you are wayyy overdressed for where you're going, and therefore stick out severely. Let's face it, you're 22-25 yrs old... you go to the mall... what are all the girls wearing? cute jeans and a trendy top. So step one, pay LOTS of attention to what the rest of the girls are really wearing and think less about the sex kitten you saw in a victorias secret catalog.
Second biggest mistake: Your face and hair are every bit as important as what you wear.... maybe more. Visible facial hair, thick eyebrows, hairy arms, boyish hair, poorly done or too much makeup, exaggerated or obnoxious color choices in makeup..... these all add to the attention factor. EVERYONE is "passable" at 100 yards away in a dark alley. The closer you get, the more defined your appearance is. So do your best in whatever way you can to work on the face and hair. Get some real lights in your bathroom. The ones you hate that are bright, very white like florescents, that show every last detail about your face. You'll need that to see whether you've blended your foundation or powder well or not. Shave in both directions; first, in the direction your facial hair grows, second, in the opposite direction it grows to get the closest of the stubble. Gently, and NOT with a dull razor! Run your hand all over your face in both directions to make sure you can't feel any scratchyness anymore. It matters WAYYY more than whether you have chosen the right color pumps or not. (kidding about the pumps... don't wear them at all. They are quite out of style right now.)
Third biggest mistake: finding the right way to carry yourself. That middle of the road somewhere between walking like a truck driver and a ridiculous runway strut like you were Gisele B√ľndchen. Learn to carry yourself like any other girl would. Along with this: STOP LOOKING AROUND! Huge mistake. Real girls aren't all paranoid and freaking out about who's watching them. Just walk. Slow, relaxed, confident, head up, and without the need to make eye contact with every single person you pass. A look of nervousness can make your pretty and girly face look much more "manly". It takes A LOT of time and practice to get this part down. Forget what you think you know about femininity and start really paying attention to how they really look and act.
I know your fears and desires all too well. I spent the first half of my life learning the hard way, as well as many many visits to the mall but not actually going inside because I was too scared. The more you get out, the better you'll feel... because that's when you start to feel like you fit in with the rest of the world. Even if you believe you don't "pass" because of your "manly" features, you still need to put your very best foot forward. You have my support. <3

Hey darling, there is a web site called Suddenly Fem. joining the site is free, their catalogue inexpensive, and they have every thing a cross dresser could hope for! And they always have things on clearance and on sale!! Their models they use for their garments are actually all T-girls! Check it out! Bet you love it!

its all about cost isnt it, i wish i knew some quick fix too