Me To!

i'have really wanted this for so very long to be rid of this now aging male body to go all the way back and to be born all over once again but this time as a girl once more i am just so much better when i am in a female body and can just totally relax and be feminine wear soft cute pretty dresses skirts slips panties have be reast and a vagina ***** be able to get pregant have babies have female sex wear makeup lipstick i wish i could just transform into a little girly and know what it is truly like being a reall girll oh yes please i swish to be a girly girl girl!
eleventhdr eleventhdr
51-55, M
2 Responses Feb 20, 2013

I so wish I could be a girl also. Wearing the clothes and makeup.

Good for you dear and there are many of us here who feel the same or very similar to you. Now if I had a magic wand I'd make your wish immediately after mine come true ... unfortuntely I don't. :-(