I Realized That I No Longer Have To Wish I Was A Woman, Because I Always Have Been A Woman

I told my wife not that I was a transgendered rather that I was always was a woman all my life. I had soo envied her when she got pregnant, and that as I helped her through labor and delivery I soo wished that I was the one giving birth to our daughter. I so wanted to bring our baby to my bosom to nurture her. I felt so free when I told her my deepest secrets. She did not take this well, she proclaimed that she was not interested in lesbian sex. She said the idea of making love with me repulsed her because I was now a woman in her eyes and mind. Well now she knows who I am and that feels better for me. It's not a question of being selfish but rather not hiding behind a fake male facade, crossdressing every day, going around in drag trying to fool everyone that I am male because I am wearing male clothes. I am sad if my wife feels that I was dishonest and wasted her life in a marriage to someone she thought was one thing and turned out to be something else.

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Jun 7, 2013